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Uganda Handball Federation

Uganda Handball Federation

Players Committee

The federation introduced Players’ committee to represent the interests and concerns of athletes involved in Uganda handball sport. The committee  serve as a communication channel between players and the Federation, helping to address issues related to rules, regulations, player welfare, and other matters affecting athletes.

Chairman Players Committee.

Roles and responsibilities of a players’ committee 

  • Advocacy: Representing the interests of players and advocating for their needs within the federation or organization.

  • Communication: Facilitating effective communication between athletes and the governing body, ensuring that players’ voices are heard.

  • Player Welfare: Addressing concerns related to athletes’ well-being, including health and safety, training conditions, and other relevant issues.

  • Rule Changes: Providing input and feedback on rule changes and regulations to ensure they are fair and reasonable for players.

  • Conflict Resolution: Assisting in resolving disputes or conflicts between players, coaches, and the federation.

  • Development Programs: Contributing to the planning and implementation of player development programs, training, and talent identification.

  • Participation in Decision-Making: Participating in decision-making processes related to the sport’s administration, organization of events, and other important matters. The Uganda Handball Federation has established a Players Committee to enhance player involvement in the sport’s governance and decision-making.

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